A Relational Approach to Wedding Photography

Because vendors don’t have to be “just vendors” – we can be friends too.

In the thick of the wedding-planning overwhelm, you may be asking yourself if you really need wedding photos after all –

Many couples struggle to find a wedding photographer who gives them – and their big day – the thoughtful attention they deserve. In an industry built on excess, it can feel daunting to sift through Google reviews in search of a photographer who shares your affection for a life that’s simple and slow, a wedding that’s pure instead of performative, and a faithful love that lasts. 

your mother-in-law has the newest iPhone, right? 

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 in the intoxicating energy of your 
big day, you need someone whose              
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carefully, creatively, & dependably.
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I founded Illuminate Photo Co. on the belief that fewer is better: in work, in life, and definitely in weddings. By taking on a limited number of clients each year, I’m able to pour out my time, attention, and creative energy into making your big day as special and seamless as it can be. My personalized and relational approach to wedding photography means that I take the time to get to know you and yours on a more intimate level – because entrusting someone with documenting a very personal and emotional milestone can feel overwhelming, and rightfully so.

tell your love story

 I'm Jordyn –

wedding photographer,
memory-maker, and joy-seeker

meet me, jordyn-

I care deeply about capturing you and your love in an authentic light, making sure your photos reflect all of the best and truest parts of you.


Where it All Began – & Where You Come In

Before there was Photographer Jordyn, there was Middle School Spanish Teacher Jordyn. My time as a teacher served as an unlikely foundation for Illuminate Photo Co. There, God was preparing me: to communicate directions clearly, to wrangle even the most excitable groups, to equip others to feel prepared and confident, to simplify the chaos, and to roll with all the punches in between.

the spanish class

part one

Soon I became a Mrs., when I said “I do” to the boy I’d met many years prior on a youth group trip at age 15. My wedding was an effusion of emotion: a swirl of pre-ceremony butterflies, the rush of “you may now kiss the bride,” and the exhilaration of having all my loved ones in one place – except for my beloved great grandmother (Grammy Pammy), who’d passed away only three weeks prior. 

We were incredibly close: we used to have sleepovers and watch Pride & Prejudice together, which is what inspired the style of my wedding dress, my updo, and the song I walked down the aisle to. She would have loved every second. But just before she passed away, I’d brought my wedding dress over so she could see me in it. At that point, she could hardly open her eyes, so I rubbed her fingers over the lace and told her about every detail of the dress. 

We took pictures together, with me in my wedding dress, and I’m endlessly grateful that we did: those photos remind me of how connected we were, how much she would have loved to see me get married, and how proud she was of me. Even years later, those photos fill me with love, grief, sorrow, and comfort – some of my deepest grief and fullest joy are found in photographs like those ones, which inspired me to capture that same tender breadth of emotion for others, too.

Top: Me & Grammy
Left: Elisha & I on  wedding day
Right: Grammy & I having a sleepover


part  two

Once wrangling spirited preteens in Spanish class, I’m now wrangling stray family members for group shots and keeping the day moving productively (let’s just say that having a well-honed “teacher voice” can really come in handy sometimes). Once a lovestruck new bride, I now help other brides revel in the excitement of their engagement shoot and wedding day – and revisit those experiences for years to come with story-driven photography that transports them back in time. Once (and some days still) a brokenhearted granddaughter, I’m now honored to photograph you and the people you care about most, preserving your love like a paused moment in time.



work together

part three

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“She has a wonderful personality that made it feel like we had been friends for years!”

Jordyn was extremely professional and caring. She has a wonderful personality that made it feel like we had been friends for years! Her ability to capture moments ranging from candid to group portraits was very impressive. She took control gracefully when needed, and knew when to step back and let things happen. Every time I look at our engagement and wedding photos I love a new one I never saw before, showcasing the talents of Jordyn. I would give 10 stars if I could!

Stephanie & joe

“From beginning to end, she made the process simple, joyous, & SO beautiful.”

“She is constantly building a relationship with you… making sure you are taken care of on and before the wedding day.”

Jordyn isn't just going to be your ‘wedding photographer’ for the day, but there is more to it. She is constantly building a relationship with you, keeping intentional and making sure you are taken care of on and before the wedding day. I have been in weddings where she has shot pictures for the bride and groom and she makes you feel so comfortable and excited for pictures to be taken (which is not what everyone is usually used to) with the product of amazing and genuine pictures. She's a talented photographer with an even better heart.

nigel & allena 

“From beginning to end, she made the process simple, joyous, & SO beautiful.”

“Jordyn knows how to seek out those special moments
between people, emotional reactions, and genuine faces.”

Jordyn is somehow more people-focused than she even is photo-focused, and this creates the best images. Jordyn knows how to seek out those special moments between people, emotional reactions, and genuine faces. She is super quirky in the best way and her little prompting and posing will actually get you to smile a not-school-picture-day smile. She'll get the formals like a pro but also get creative and non-traditional. I was so blessed to have her photograph my wedding day. I had friends and family members afterward saying, "your photographer made us feel so comfortable" or “I didn't know I needed that little affirmation, but your photographer gave that to me." Thanks Jo <3

ethan & julia

“From beginning to end, she made the process simple, joyous, & SO beautiful.”

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I have no notion
of loving people
by halves;
it's not my nature.
- jane austen


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