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Venue3Two is one of the best indoor and outdoor wedding venues in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It's spacious for large weddings and reasonably affordable. 

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Are you a bride looking for a gorgeous wedding venue near Grand Rapids? A venue that is modern yet radiates the most traditional wedding vibes, then Venue3two is a great place for you. This state-of-the-art gallery located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is tastefully designed and furnished to give you the best indoor/outdoor wedding experience while leaving your guest feeling welcome and comfortable. It boasts either the Mansion for an intimate event or the Conservatory for large wedding events. With unique furniture, premium wall finishing and well-framed arches, Venue3two is beyond perfect. Check out my list of The Best Wedding Venues in Southwest Michigan to get inspired by more locations to have your wedding ceremony or reception. 

A Brief History of Venue3Two

Surprisingly, Venue3two wasn’t always a wedding venue, its history can be traced back to 1925 when the mansion was built on the 700-acre old Tassell Ranch or Stormy Creek Ranch owned by McFarlenes. Leslie Tassell and his family later purchased it in the mid-1950s to rear exotic animals like buffalos and zebras. They later moved out and left it vacant for over 15 years. In 2016 Dwight and Karen Strayer turned the property into a program for horse riding called Equine Assisted Development (EAD). The purpose was to empower underprivileged families and children, and rescue victims of human trafficking by making them realize their potentials. The EAD became a profit-for-non-profit organization called 3TwoRanch and was later converted to an event centre named Venue3Two. This centre now serves as a great venue for exquisite events and weddings.

Guests & Accomodations

The Mansion, which can host a maximum of 36 guests including the bridal party, has a Gourmet Kitchen for cooking and wine tasting, a formal setting dining room to hold a meeting or simply have a relaxed meal and a great room with a complimentary bar area for small parties. 

It also features a patio and courtyard where you have the option to host your ceremony outdoors or a reception and cocktail hour of about 50 people outdoors. Included is a a bridal suite and parlour for the bride and bridesmaids to getting ready, and a groom's suite and parlour for tying the ties and those pre-wedding sips. The mansion has all the amenities to help you get into that wedding mood, creating exciting memories that lasts forever.

The recently added Conservatory is a spacious environment with (let me just say it) amazing lighting. It can host a large wedding setting of up to 200 guests and features great architectural layouts and a plating room. You can dine, dance, and do it all here!

The maximum guest count. however, is 200 people. 

Ceremony Locations

The Patio and Courtyard, which are part of the Mansion, are a favorite ceremony site for many brides and grooms who prefer the outdoors. 

The Conservatory, which boasts great natural light, is another favored indoor ceremony option. 

Cost Considerations

Despite all its superb offerings, Venue3two is relatively affordable. The Mansion hosts your small intimate events for 5 hours and is priced at $1200. Prices for larger weddings at the Conservatory are not fixed and you can book any of the available packages. Venue3Two's packages cover the teardown of all V32 event furnishings and clean up of the space.

Other Considerations

Clients are required to choose from Venue3two's list of preferred vendors for their catering and bar services. You are also expected to hire your bartending service, who must have a valid Michigan LLC permit. The venue will provide you with a list of vendors for your catering and bar needs, all of whom have top-notch services and serve only quality food and drinks.

The Conservatory features permanent hanging hooks in the Great Room for your florists and decorators to work with. 

The venue also works with your vendors to create the best setting that you desire. They even have furniture for your wedding guests and options for the rental of exotic pieces. You can rent a wooden arch, Plexi sign, velvet sofa and armchair, wooden easel and wingback chair for prices ranging from $40- $120 each. 

On the day of your event, the staff will be available to ensure everything is going as planned for you and your guests. The staff will partner with your vendors to ensure that all activities are going according to the arrangement. 

The entire facility is covered by a no-smoking policy and they do ensure that this is adhered to. 

Check out Val & De’Ontae’s Real Wedding at Venue 3Two in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

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Overall, Venue3twos is like a stunning home away from home, bringing style, comfort and natural light to every wedding event that they host. Every corner of Venue3two is aesthetically pleasing and perfect for wedding photography, Allowing them to make your wedding day a special and unique one. 



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